Publish With Us

Publishing with us is simple and easy. We pride ourselves on helping independent authors get started by showcasing their books on a public site and in local stores. We are looking to bring on new authors that have little to no experience in the publishing process. If you feel that you have an idea that you would like to get on paper and on the shelves contact us with the information below!


Our Process:

1.) Contact Us! 

Seriously, we are looking to help people who have great ideas put pen to paper. We know what it is like to be a small fish in a big pond. If you are a first time author or seasoned veteran it all starts with a simple email or phone call!


2.) Send in your written transcripts for your first preview. Even if you don't have your book completely fleshed out, feel free to contact us for a simple review and start the editing and illustration process started. We are with you from start to finish. We will then discuss options for the editing process and review the total cost of the project. (We are very reasonable, remember, we are here for those even getting started.)


3.) Once we have a fully produced draft, our chief editor Charles Little Jr, will do a full edit of your book and prepare it for production! 


Why publish with us?

We have a seasoned staff of creators, editors, and marketers. We are prepared to help you take your idea, put it on paper, polish it, and help you get it in local bookstores, amazon, ebook, audiobook, and physical formats.

We have a great list of illustrators at our disposal. We can get artwork completed for your books at a fraction of the cost of major publishers. We work with local artists who have a passion for creating attention grabbing artwork that matches the theme of your work perfectly. Because our artists are local we can also expedite the process of getting your projects completed.

Whether you write action, romance, mystery, thriller, horror, children's books, fantasy, or anything your imagination can create, we would love to work with you to ensure that your work becomes a reality.


What we do not take: Anything of erotic nature, overly vulgar speech, anything that supports racism or prejudice (historical themes accepted).


Of course we will be able to properly brief you on the entire process and help you through the entire process. All that is required is that you simply give us a call!