Our Authors

Troy Pendleton

Troy started writing when he was in the seventh grade. Always having an active imagination, he wrote a short story for class that was later printed in the local paper. Setting aside his love of writing and drawing as a teen, he returned to it as a young man and started writing stories and creating comic book characters. Using his children, loved ones and friends as inspiration, Troy went on to create over a hundred characters and stories that he hoped to publish. Always considering himself more of a creator than a writer, Troy spent several years looking for a collaborator. After a couple of failed attempts, he finally teamed up with his friend Charles Little and formed New Legend Books & Comics. Their first venture was the book “Dead or Alive: The Reaper’s Redemption”.  Troy plans to continue creating new stories and characters and hopes to help others see their dreams of becoming published authors come true.



Charles Little Jr.
Charles spent most of his childhood and teenage years with a book in his hands. He developed a desire to become an author while working on short stories and other creative writing assignments in school. His descriptive writing talent showed through in these assignments, with teachers often commenting that the vivid scenes and pictures he painted made them feel as if they were actually part of the story. As a young adult, Charles attempted on more than one occasion to write a book, but life always seemed to get in the way. On top of the challenges of a busy schedule, he came to feel that he was a writer without a story to tell. He’d all but given up on his dream until he read some book ideas that his friend and now collaborator Troy Pendleton had outlined. Those ideas came to life for Charles and for the first time since he was a kid, he felt like he finally had a story to tell. He co-founded New Legend Books and Comics with Troy and their first venture was the book “Dead or Alive: The Reaper’s Redemption”. With his lifelong dream finally realized, Charles now plans to continue writing and wishes to help others see their dreams of being an author come true as well.
Cindy Lou Wehrle
Cindy was born in a small town in Iowa. She was the middle child of a family of three. She knew at the young age of ten that she wanted to one day grow up and work with children. As time passed, she continued to feel a calling on her life to be there to nurture, guide, and support as many children as she could. As a young lady, she married and had three children of her own with her loving husband. She now has two grandchildren and is a leader in children’s ministry. She loves to read to children and has always wanted to write a book to inspire them to grow both mentally, physically, and spiritually. Cindy is now enjoying her life living in Kentucky with her loving family, church, and friends.
Connie Lynn Howard
Connie’s aim to positively impact young children began at home while she was growing up in a small town in Northern Kentucky. She was born the eldest of four siblings and was raised in a loving family. A passion for other children sparked within her at the early age of eight. As she often cared for her brother and sisters, her love for them grew and remained fierce. As a young woman, she soon began a family of her own, with six children and a loving husband. Providing a safe and nurturing environment for each of the children took priority as their ultimate goal. As they attended church together as a family, she took an interest in teaching children’s church. Her joy in working with children only continued to grow as the years went by. The desire to be a light in the lives of children within her community inspired her to eventually open a daycare. In addition to her experience with directing children’s church and running a daycare full time, she also took on a position as a school bus driver. Sixteen grandchildren and three great-grandchildren later, she aspired to write a book that could reach children everywhere. Children are the future! It is Connie’s mission to influence them with a great amount of love, encouragement, and positivity. Her prayer is for her book to inspire children across the world to practice a healthy lifestyle both physically, emotionally, and spiritually – beginning now.
Tammy Dale
Tammy studied writing at The Institute of Children's Literature in Danbury, CT. Her writing has grown and developed into more mature characters and is not limited to either genre.  Though once a native of Indiana she now resides in the great state of Kentucky.  Besides writing, her love of painting, pie making, and family pets keep her busy from day to day.  Tammy makes repeat trips to her local movie theater, where she finds that many of the plots are unfortunately predictable.
Toni-Marie Kaba
Ever since she could remember, Toni-Marie has loved to write. Growing up she had notebooks full of poems and short stories. By developing her writing skills, Toni has found an outlet to express herself through one of her greatest passions. In school, she always favored her writing and English classes and was known to wow a teacher or two with her amazing descriptive detail that seemed to bring her stories to life. Now, as a mother of three beautiful children, she has developed an interest in children's books. Writing one of her own for her children to read has been a dream come true.