Dead or Alive Release Announcement


Excited to Announce that our first book "Dead or Alive: The Reaper's Redemption" is now available on Amazon!!

Dead or Alive: The Reaper's Redemption

  My name is Ray Mattax. I was trained to be a hitman known as the Reaper. I was the best at what I did but things eventually went sideways. By sheer force of will, I managed to get away and start over. Everything was great until my past caught up with me. They took my friend...That was a mistake! The Reaper is coming and nothing on earth can stand in my way!   This is the debut novel from authors Troy Pendleton and Charles Little. It was edited and published by New Legend Books & Comics.
Dead or Alive: The Reaper’s Redemption would be a welcome addition to the library of those who follow authors such as Elmore Leonard, Christopher Greyson, and John C. Dalglish.  


5 Stars says reader “Mike S.” 

November 6, 2017

  “An overall great read. Gives great plot development with great twists and turns right up to the end. Will be looking very forward to the next book and hope they will continue with this story line as I can see tons of possibilities of where the characters will go from here.”   

5 Stars says reader "Leslie Skiles"

October 9, 2017   

"I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a good, wholesome story. There is no foul language which is a great change! Troy and Charles did an awesome job in character development. When is the movie coming out??"    

5 Stars says reader “Nanny” 

October 18, 2017  

“Good read, suspenseful, great plot. Surprise ending. You could actually visualize what was going on throughout the story. Great”   

5 Stars says reader “Betty Karen Little” 

October 10, 2017  

“This story is gripping and keeps the reader's glued till the end of story/ The environment of characters is up to date and very believable. I would recommend to teens thru adult of any age. I look forward to more books from these authors.”   

5 Stars says reader “Angel” 

September 27, 2017  

“Just finished Dead or Alive a few days ago, I was actually up until 3am reading it, I just couldn't put it down! Absolutely loved it!!! I can't wait to see what else these amazing authors do. Well done guys!”   

5 Stars says reader "Carey A. Daugherty" 

September 16, 2017  

"I just finished reading "Dead or Alive: The Reaper's Redemption" and really enjoyed the book! I wasn't sure what to expect at first, but quickly found myself engaged in the story of Ray Mattax and his personal story of Redemption. The characters were well developed with a great back story and questions and lose ends that came up during the story we're tied up in the end. I really enjoyed Ray's journey and how the author's, found a creative way to interweave Ray's past life, present life, friends and family into the tale of his Redemption and coming to accept Christ and therefore take him into his new life. I would recommend this book to everyone."   

5 Stars says reader “a fan”  

August 12 2017  

“I enjoyed this book, and I would recommend it to friends and family. I am looking forward to more in the future.”   

5 Stars says reader “Larry Wagner”  

August 12, 2017   

“Loved this book. Was captivated from the first page. Loved the way the writer brought the message of salvation through this wonderful heartwarming story. I recommend this book to anyone who wants a great read.”    

5 Stars says reader “Blessed1”  

August 12 2017  

“With a captivating story line, this well written book is a MUST READ! Its a book that's hard to put down! I will be recommending it to friends!”   

Sneak Peek

Chapter 1: Ray Mattax

          My name is Ray Mattax and today is the day that I die. I know that you are thinking this is a very morbid and gloomy way to start telling you my story but hear me out. I promise it will all make sense in the end. The events that ultimately led to my death started a little over 20 years ago when I was a young man. You see, I was 18 years old when I first joined the Sons of Diablo motorcycle club and I remember it like it was yesterday. There I stood in the middle of a group of monstrous and leather-clad men who were mostly covered with tattoos and beards. I have to say I was more than a little bit intimidated.  

          Standing by my side to welcome me into the brotherhood was the man who had sponsored me. His name was John Roberts but everyone called him Tiny. Despite his nickname, Tiny was a mountain of a man, every bit of six foot five inches tall and weighing a solid 290 pounds. That gave him about five inches and almost a full 100 pounds on me, so he was a giant in my eyes. Tiny always wore the leather and had a great beard that was dark as the night sky and came halfway down his chest. He rode a Harley chopper of course. In fact, I don’t think he ever owned a car.  

          He was just 17 years older than I was but had pretty much raised me ever since my old man, who was also a member of the Sons of Diablo, had passed away several years before. I thought of Tiny as a good man though I’m probably the only person on this Earth who did. To everyone else, he was a mean SOB but he always treated me well. Anyway, there I stood with Tiny in front of me. In his hands was my very own club vest. It was black leather and had a large demon head patch on the back with the words “Sons of Diablo” and “Memphis Chapter” stitched into it. Tiny slid the vest up my arms and the guys standing close around me helped get it in place. After it was adjusted they all took turns man hugging me and slapping me on the back. I couldn’t have been happier to be joining this wild group of brawling drunken potheads. They were rough, to say the least, but these men were all I had ever known. They were family. Tiny had a big influence on me back then, but he also went off and did his own thing a lot as well.  


Vanished: Starring Sheriff Carter Link

A small town Sheriff has to solve the disappearance of not one but two missing girls. One of which vanished 20 years ago and was his best friend. 


Will be Available in 2018!