The art of the fountain

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3 Christmas' ago I was introduced to possibly one of the greatest tools for growing my penmanship. This tool was unlike others in its category but left me wanting to write and clean up some of my poorer qualities. This tool is none other than the classic fountain pen. Fountain pens work a little differently than other pens. It does not have a ball roller or felt tip. It has plastic nib. Once the metal spade gets depressed the plastic nib releases ink down the center of the spade and allows for a great writing experience. I have mostly always been one to use a lot of pressure when writing. I love the feeling a good sharp pen has. I like to feel as though the pen is cutting straight through the paper in a well defined line. The preciseness was very alluring. Every stroke is purposely brushed in a style that is just unmatched.

This pen created such a great experience. The style of the pen had to be very smooth. One could not just pick it up and start writing with it. You had to learn technique; Honestly something I have  never had. The pen requires that the spade be depressed in order for it to release the ink and therefore sparked the idea that maybe I should lean into this "technique" while watching myself write. I practiced and practiced and eventually got rather good at using it properly and even cleaned myself up a bit and my signatures and salutations started to look a lot more professional. 

If cleaning up your penmanship is something that you have always wanted to do I recommend using a more archaic pen instrument or something irregular. Something that requires you to think when you use it. My pen costed around 20 dollars and has served me well. You can always buy more ink capsules so the pen will last presumably forever. When you have to think about how you use the instrument and force yourself to take your time. It is amazing how that transfers directly into something you don't really think about when you do daily.

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