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redbox Reviews-Bright Burn

This movie was watchable but don’t expect a lot from it. It was very predictable. The cast did a pretty good job, especially the kid, Jackson A. Dunn, who plays the main character Brandon. He is the bright spot in this rather dull film. His transition from sweet kid to crazed killer was great, and he deserves some praise for it.  The over-all story was very similar to the origin of Superman with the exception that Brandon was sent here to take over the world. Once activated he goes on a rampage, killing anyone who oppose him. I personally think the whole thing doesn’t really make sense. He was raised to be a humble farm boy with good values and at the drop of a hat becomes a psycho. There should have been some drama in his life that made him resentful and mad so that when the time comes the switch was what made sense to him. Instead, you get a good kid that goes super bad. Since Elizabeth Banks is in this movie, they probably what you to believe that “Toxic Masculinity” causes his transformation. The truth is you are left to just believe he snapped for no reason other than the spaceship told him too. It’s just not a well written plot.  If you have nothing else to watch and it is on Netflix or something, flip it on and give it a try but don’t plan to be overly happy you did. This is not something I would pay any amount of money to see.

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