Playing the long game

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For the last 21 years I have been pursuing publication in one form or another. I started out creating and trying to sell new comic book characters to companies like Marvel and DC but to my aggravation they had long stopped taking submissions from outside sources. I searched high and low to find someone who would buy my characters and time and time again was told “We’re not interested”. Then for a few years I set that notion aside and worked on a game idea I had. I built the board, worked out the rules and even got to play it a few times. Once I thought I had something good, I set out to sell it to a game/toy company. Much like the comic book industry, the game/toy industry was not interested in buying a game developed by someone else. Every door was slammed in my face and at some point, I threw in the towel and put my game in the closet. Several years later a relative gave me a gift of the very same game that had been released by a company that most likely I had spoken to about my game. Needless to say, I was more than a bit mad over it but I was just a poor guy from Kentucky and had no proof they took my idea so, that was the end of that. I was frustrated and thought I was beaten; my dreams were not going to happen and I was just going to have to live with it.  

That “reality” did not shut off the ideas in my head though. My brain still ran in overdrive and I never stopped creating comic book characters. Finally, after a few hard years, when life slowed down a little, I started thinking about publishing them again. This time though I would do it myself. I would find an artist and do my own comics. I was sure I could make a serious go at it. I spent years trying to find a talented artist to help me create this world that I saw in my mind. At this point I had over a hundred characters and several hundred pages of story outlined for them. This time it was different though. Not that it wasn’t frustrating or heartbreaking at times, but I knew this time I was playing the long game. It wasn’t going to be a home run on my first swing, I was going to have to play the whole 9 innings and probably some extra as well.  

Years went by and I just couldn’t find the right person to work with. I decide that it was time for a change up. I would switch gears and turn the ideas into books instead of comics. After all, I had the stories in my head and I thought it would be much easier to find a co-writer to help me get them on paper in good form, than it would be to find an illustrator. Like the comics it was not easy but after several failed partnerships and a lot of aggravation, Charles and I released our first book. Since then I have gone on to write three more books. Another with Charles, one with Tammy Dale and one children’s book on my own. Some days my mind thinks that we did it, we’re in the bottom of the ninth and we are about to win this game. Other days, I realize that we are only in the second or third inning and there is still a lot of game left to play. I’m good with that though, like I said earlier I understand that this is ‘the long game”. I have to stay in there and play hard, no matter what the score board says. 

The point is that if you have a dream, hang in there. Play the long game and keep swinging that bat. You will hit the ball at some point and when you do, it will have all been worth it. Dreams are hard to achieve, because they are dreams. Just ideas of something you created in your mind. Making them real life is almost always an up-hill battle.  


These are just a few of the dreams that have come to fruition for me.

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