My old man's witch cauldron

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Halloween comes and goes pretty fast. With the evening drawing close it can be easy to welcome a swift end. Getting all the dishes done, the kids cleaned up, the face paint wiped, and the costumes put away, we can forget to sit and just sip some coffee and tell stories. 

I vividly remember as a kid Halloween day. My mom and dad worked so diligently to create a great atmosphere. My dad would start the day by pulling out the "Witches" cauldron. It was a 10 gallon cast iron cauldron that  my dad most likely found or bought at an auction. But the substance brewed in that cauldron (his famous chili) brewed more than a good meal. It gathered friends, family, strangers who quickly became friends, around a common place. It was interesting, it smelled delicious, it was encapsulated by laughter. When I remember Halloween as a kid I don't hardly remember any of the costumes. I remember the witch's cauldron. I remember that it was one of the few days during the year where we could stay up late with our friends. It was one holiday during the year where everyone could come and dip the ladle. It was not reserved for "family only" but everyone who could enjoy a decent hunting story or some oddly fashioned tale and was under no time commands or feeling of wearing out a welcome. I faintly remember costumes on Halloween or particular Christmas gifts... But I do remember the witch's cauldron. Specifically because it was welcoming, it was easy going and everyone else remembered as well. Stay a while or a little. Chasing the day to an end leaves little for the imagination. Stick around, have a cup of coffee and maybe some witch chili. You and those around you will remember such times. You never know, you may need it later.

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