Knowing when to stop being creative

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As a team of authors, editors, illustrators, and marketing strategists, we know how hard it can be to retain that creative aspect. In fact, the creativity is what drives our entire team! Creativity is what generates every thought, memory, action, and story that goes into the process of putting a pen to paper. With this being said, we want to bring to you what helps us to keep that creative streamline clear and to keep those ideas pumping.

From our collective team, we decided that the #1 thing that anyone can do to clear a creative block is to actually stop whatever you are doing. When you feel that gap start to close in and the creative process starts to dwindle; the best thing you can do is to, literally, just stop. Stop? but how can we keep our creative minds continuing if we just stop? Here is how.

Go outside and explore! Allowing your mind an opportunity to be poured into can be a major recharge. It is like drinking from a glass. You can only drink what was inside. Once it is all gone more must be poured. Doing small activities with your family and going on little adventures gives your mind a chance to interact with and encounter entirely new concepts. Getting away from your current tasks can also help you to see things in a new or different way. As you go and explore your mind is in a giant playground. There are no rules, no dates, no time clocks. It's just you, your imagination, and a world waiting to be discovered. The photo above was taken just days ago at Lake Powhatan in Asheville, North Carolina. We entered through the arboretum and the cost was only 14 dollars. We were able to explore trails, bike around the lake, and even skip a few stones. All the while our minds were being rested and recharged for the days ahead. Little adventures like this can often be entirely free and allows the mind to be poured into instead of only being drained. 

If you don't believe us, just check out our book Sheriff Carter Link: Vanished at

This book was based upon a real town with a real lake in real Kentucky. The story came from a tidal wave of exploration and taking time to review the world around us. The world is an absolutely stellar place and totally worthy of inspiration. 

As always, you are a Legend. You have a Story. We bet it's a good one.

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