Knights, dragons, and bedtime fairytales

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As an adult it can be easy to get into the daily grind. You slowly start to push back all of those memories of when you were young to make space for the next excel spreadsheet, budget list, grocery store visit, or ball practice schedule. As a newly minted father I have noticed one thing that has served me greatly. Watching all of my childhood replay in my daughter and watching a tiny human be completely enamored by something as mundane as a wooden spatula. It reminds me of the days when I wasn't holding a stick, I was holding Excalibur and no evil could overcome. As I began to re-experience all of these little moments, I noticed that my daughter is constantly drawn to one particular item. Books. She loves the wonderful pictures and colors and the stories that could be anywhere from a fiffer feffer fuff from a Dr. Seuss classic or helping the barnyard animals complete their chores. These wonderful paper worlds can have someone with the attention span of squirrel enthralled by every little happening. The best part is that reading a book to a child can actually invite you along for the ride as well. Books have been the source of community for ages and this is a small way for you and your children to commune. Children's books, story-time, and bedtime fairytales are a great way to end the day for both you and your child. Allowing them to exercise the possibilities of the improbable and giving you back that time before we had to "grow up." Let them rest in their suit of armor and you can ponder the days when life had a little more imagination..... maybe we can take some of it with us tomorrow.

If you have decided your library could use a few new additions we have 2 great tales written and illustrated by Kentucky locals. You can check them out at our website listed below.

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