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Life has a funny way of turning out. Sometimes it’s quite predictable but other times things happen you don’t expect. There are even events you thought would come to pass at an earlier period in your life that fade away only to appear seemingly out of nowhere once you’re older. I’m reminded of a sermon I heard once that does a fine job illustrating my point. The pastor flashed back to a time in his childhood where he remembered watching his grandmother work on some cross-stitched needlepoint. From his position on the floor below, it looked like nothing but a mess of dangling threads of various lengths. Hours later, when she had finished, he saw it from above and realized it was actually an intricately designed picture. It was obvious that she had known what she was doing the entire time.

                I’ve had an interest in reading for as long as I can remember. My mom read to me from a very early age and kept it up until I was old enough to do it myself. Berenstain Bears, Dr. Seuss, and Choose Your Own Adventure were my books of choice until I eventually moved on to the Hardy Boys, Raymond E. Feist, and Dean Koontz, to name a few. My imagination would run wild with each story, the imagery so detailed that it was almost as if a movie were playing in my mind’s eye. In middle and high school I was introduced to writing for the first time as we worked on State Portfolio assignments. Many of my teachers and fellow students began to comment that they could picture scenes from my material as they read.

                From then until my early twenties I dreamed of becoming an author and tried three or four times to write a book. Unfortunately, each of those attempts was unsuccessful. I eventually learned that while I had a knack for descriptive writing I had absolutely no talent or patience for coming up with a strong plot, character development, or any of the other skills needed to produce a book from start to finish. I wanted to sit down and write descriptive scenes, plain and simple. Of course, we all know this does not an author make. Needless to say, I gave up on the whole idea soon afterward.

                Fast forward twelve years and my friend Troy Pendleton, whom I had already known for around five years, and I are suddenly talking about book ideas that had been living in his head for a very long time. It didn’t take long for us to realize that our talents fit together perfectly to get a book created from start to finish. We published Dead or Alive: The Reapers Redemption in 2017, Sheriff Carter Link: Vanished in 2018, and Agent 12: Awakening (which was written by Troy, co-written by Tammy Dale, and edited by myself) came out in early 2019. I am currently working on our fourth novel and the second installment of the Sheriff Carter Link Series, The Death of Lily May.

                With our dreams of creating and publishing new legends a tangible reality it slowly became apparent that we were still missing a crucial piece of the puzzle. Having books to read is all well and good but doesn’t get an author very far if they can’t build a sizeable enough following to get them out into the world. Enter Ethan Magee, another seemingly random piece of thread from the needlepoint image I mentioned earlier. Troy and I both had led him in a church youth group when he was a teenager. He has since gone away to college, graduated, gotten married, had a child, and developed a savvy business mind. The three of us crossed paths a few months ago and realized that by combining our talents we could take New Legend Books & Comics to the next level. There is no way we would’ve known any of this beforehand- though it’s undeniable that the whole thing is part of a larger and carefully laid out design. One thing I can say for sure. Never, under any circumstance, allow yourself to give up on a dream. You have it for a reason. Who knows how close you might be to an unimaginable breakthrough!

Charles Little Jr.

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