Author Tammy Dale

Tammy Sayers

Tammy studied writing at The Institute of Children's Literature in Danbury, CT. Her writing has grown and developed into more mature characters and is not limited to either genre.  Though once a native of Indiana she now resides in the great state of Kentucky.  Besides writing, her love of painting, pie making, and family pets keep her busy from day to day.  Tammy makes repeat trips to her local movie theater, where she finds that many of the plots are unfortunately predictable.

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Tammy's Books

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AGENT 12: Awakening

Agent 12 is the twelfth addition to the Agent Program. She, like all Agents, is part human and part machine. They work for a fringe group deep inside the CIA called BCP and carry out orders without question. Agent 12’s job is to kill, steal or destroy whatever her superiors see fit. She's a good Agent, one of the best, but not everything is as it seems. When she comes face to face with her erased past, she has a choice to make. Will it be the life she knows or the life she wants desperately to remember?

COMING March 2019