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Charles spent most of his childhood and teenage years with a book in his hands. He developed a desire to become an author while working on short stories and other creative writing assignments in school. His descriptive writing talent showed through in these assignments, with teachers often commenting that the vivid scenes and pictures he painted made them feel as if they were actually part of the story. As a young adult, Charles attempted on more than one occasion to write a book, but life always seemed to get in the way. On top of the challenges of a busy schedule, he came to feel that he was a writer without a story to tell. He’d all but given up on his dream until he read some book ideas that his friend and now collaborator Troy Pendleton had outlined. Those ideas came to life for Charles and for the first time since he was a kid, he felt like he finally had a story to tell. He co-founded New Legend Books and Comics with Troy and their first venture was the book “Dead or Alive: The Reaper’s Redemption”. With his lifelong dream finally realized, Charles now plans to continue writing and wishes to help others see their dreams of being an author come true as well.

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Charles' Books

Book Cover_ebook-2019

Sheriff Carter Link: Vanished

A small town Sheriff has to solve the disappearance of not one but two missing girls. One of whom vanished 20 years ago and was his best friend.  Carter will not let anyone or anything stop him from solving these cases.

This is the second novel from authors Troy Pendleton and Charles Little. It was edited and published by New Legend Books & Comics.

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Dead or Alive Cover-2019

Dead or Alive: The Reaper's Redemption

My name is Ray Mattax. I was trained to be a hitman known as the Reaper. I was the best at what I did but things eventually went sideways. By sheer force of will, I managed to get away and start over. Everything was great until my past caught up with me. They took my friend...That was a mistake! The Reaper is coming and nothing on earth can stand in my way! This is the debut novel from authors Troy Pendleton and Charles Little. It was edited and published by New Legend Books & Comics. Dead or Alive: The Reaper’s Redemption would be a welcome addition to the library of those who follow authors such as Elmore Leonard, Christopher Greyson, and John C. Dalglish.

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New Legend Logo

New Legend Books & Comics was established in 2017. It was founded by authors Troy Pendleton and Charles Little after they noticed a loss of traditional values as well as a lack of new and creative ideas in the book and comic book worlds. New Legend exists to publish new books and comics about faith, patriotism and traditional American values. We strive to one-day fill the bookshelves and digital stores with thousands of books and comics for all ages, creating great new legends that will be remembered and loved by generations to come. These will be legends that adults can get lost in, using story-lines and characters kids can emulate while allowing parents to rest assured that their children aren’t being negatively impacted by what they are reading.