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Who are We?

New Legend Books & Comics was established in 2017. It was founded by authors Troy Pendleton and Charles Little after they noticed a loss of traditional values as well as a lack of new and creative ideas in the book and comic book worlds. New Legend exists to publish new books and comics about faith, patriotism and traditional American values. We strive to one-day fill the bookshelves and digital stores with thousands of books and comics for all ages, creating great new legends that will be remembered and loved by generations to come. These will be legends that adults can get lost in, using story-lines and characters kids can emulate while allowing parents to rest assured that their children aren’t being negatively impacted by what they are reading.

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A Little About Troy & Charles


Troy Pendleton: Co-Owner/Head Creator/Operations

Troy is one of the founders and Co-Owners of New Legend Books & Comics. As Head Creator, his primary responsibility is to write the original rough drafts and create the characters on which the foundation of our Legends are built. Troy also takes care of the day to day operations.

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Charles Biopic

Charles Little Jr: Co-Owner/Writer/Editor

Charles is one of the Founders and Co-Owners of New Legend Books and Comics. As Head Writer and Editor, it is his primary responsibility to add the details and corrections needed to help bring our Legends to life.

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