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Welcome to our new website. We’ve worked hard to put together a new and improved site that not only showcases our own books & comics but also provides links to other's as well. Our Book Store page lists many great books you can purchase from Amazon, with more locations to come. The Merchandise page showcases lots of cool comic book gear you can buy. More will be added to each of these pages as time goes on, including our very our products such as t-shirts, hoodies, posters...etc. Check these new pages out and be sure to Like us on Facebook.

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We want you

WE Need you!

Reviews are very important. If you have read any of our books please review them on Amazon and goodreads.com.  Better reviews help us sell more books which keeps us writing and publishing.

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New Legend's First Children's Book.

On December, 17th 2018 New Legend Books & Comics released their first children's book. The book, "The Otter & The Whale" is written by Connie Lynn Howard & Cindy Lou Wehrle and is Illustrated by Dacoda Pennycuff.

It follows the brave adventure of Otter as he comes to the Whales rescue and teaches kids to love others. The Story is inspired by Mathew 5:44 & 45 - But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your Father in heaven.

Order your copy today on Amazon.com

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On November 17, 2018 Troy and Charles will be at the Main Boone County Library for their Local Author Day.

Click here for more details.


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New Legend Children's Books

New Legend is expanding our genre by adding three Children's books, which will be coming out soon. Everyone is working hard to make these books fun and exciting adventures for you and your children. The plan is to turn each of these books into their own series that will be around for generations to come. Stay tuned for me details.

Coming Soon "Agent 12: Awakening"

Authors Troy Pendleton & Tammy Sayers

ebook $2.99

Paperback $9.99

Agent 12 is the twelfth addition to the Agent Program. She, like all Agents, is part human and part machine. They work for a fringe group deep inside the CIA called BCP and carry out orders without question. Agent 12’s job is to kill, steal or destroy whatever her superiors see fit. She's a good Agent, one of the best, but not everything is as it seems. When she comes face to face with her erased past, she has a choice to make. Will it be the life she knows or the life she wants desperately to remember?


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Sheriff Carter Link: Vanished for Sale on Amazon.com

Authors Troy Pendleton & Charles Little Jr

ebook $2.99

Paperback $9.99

Life in Prestonsburg Kentucky was simple and safe until Vanessa “Nessa” Holbrook vanished 20 years ago. Now her childhood best friend, Sheriff Carter Link, must solve the vanishing of another little girl. Is it a copycat or could Carter finally bring the person who took Nessa to justice?

Audible Book

Dead or Alive now has an Audible version

Authors Troy Pendleton & Charles Little Jr

Read it for free with a "One Month" trial or buy yourself a copy.
My name is Ray Mattax. I was trained to be a hitman known as the Reaper. I was the best at what I did but things eventually went sideways. By sheer force of will, I managed to get away and start over. Everything was great until my past caught up with me. They took my friend...That was a mistake! The Reaper is coming and nothing on earth can stand in my way!
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